Fire Alarm Installation

Planning, Design and Installation

Asco Installation Team will guarantee a smooth and trouble-free installation of your system. Our team will liase with you every step of the way to allow for full integration and minimum disruption to your business. On completion, a full commissioning test will take place, with a comprehensive handover to ensure total satisfaction.

The planning and design of a fire solution is the key to success. Correct analysis of the risk and designing a solution around our customers’ requirements, will ensure a solution that fits perfectly. Our technical team will visit your building, and carry out a full site survey to determine the risk involved and the type of protection a customer is looking for.

With the latest technical software, our team can design your solution for the maximum protection and benefit.

  • CDM plus 'Principal Contractor' experience
  • Verification of others installations for LPS1014
  • Full acceptance of 'design responsibility'
  • 'L5' design capability, with applicable PI insurance
  • F-Gas Approved Technicians

Asco understand the industry well, and have access to most fire manufacturers. This provides our customers with a huge choice and the ability to source exactly the right product and solution to meet their specific risk.

Asco supply everything from basic fire alarms to specialist detection systems, enabling the protection of any type of risk area, including archives, heritage, IT Rooms, machinery, industrial locations....the list is endless.

Asco technicians are highly trained to be able to install a vast number of systems:

  • Open Protocol – Apollo / Hochiki with Kentec / Advanced / Morley
  • Managed Protocol - Gent System Integrator / Cooper Menvier / Ziton
  • Radio – EMS / Electro Detectors / Xplorer
  • Air sampling – Airsense / VESDA / ICAM
  • Extinguishing - IG55 / IG541 / FM200 / HFC232a

Above all, quick response and listening to our customers, always gives Asco the edge.

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