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As the responsible person for a business, there is an obligation and legal requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment. By delegating these responsibilities, Asco will take the heat off you.

Protect your premises –
and your reputation

Fire safety isn’t just a moral obligation for a business. In almost all cases, it’s a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

You must implement protective and preventative measures, and classify possible hazards in your Fire Risk Assessment by law. However, meeting all those requirements in-house can come at a significant cost, which is where Asco can help.

You can reduce your own liability by delegating this onerous task to Asco – a trusted, diligent team to conduct your
Fire Risk Assessment and provide crucial guidance on fire safety.

Delegate your fire
safety responsibility

When you work with Asco, you work with an accredited team of specialists with experience of thousands of Fire Risk Assessments conducted all over the UK. From shops and offices, to schools and hospitals, we’ve encountered every type of premises and every type of risk.

Our fire risk assessors are experienced and highly qualified in conducting comprehensive onsite assessments, and will help you:

• Understand your legal obligations

• By producing a comprehensive fire risk assessment, completed in line with PAS 79 guidelines

• Identify your key fire risk areas

• Make informed decisions about prevention and protection

All collected in a detailed bound report that you can use to demonstrate your compliance.


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