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Fire Barriers

If your building has cavities in the walls and roof voids overhead, this can compromise any compartmentation you have in place, risking lives and your business. Working with our sister company, FIS (Fire Industry Specialists Ltd), as third-party, IFC-certified experts, we can ensure your building has fire barriers in place to secure the integrity of your premises.

At ASCO, we know that every building is different and may require systems unique to that layout; that’s why we deploy an expert team to guide you when it comes to choosing the products best suited to your design needs. We ensure BS 9991 and BS 9999 are always met in this regard, a key element, particularly for any new construction.

We supply vertical and horizontal fire barriers across Duns, Ardrossan, Forfar, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Midlothian, bringing you materials from the leading brands. Call today to find out more and to tell us about your individual requirements.

Fire Barrier Systems in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Midlothian and Beyond

Cavities and voids can act as a chimney in many buildings, with the rapid spreading of fire made easy. That’s where cavity barriers come in, offering different resistance times to help meet the needs of your building. The use of your building should be taken into account, with longer resistance times needed to allow all people to evacuate – a prime example of this is hospitals and care facilities.

If there are any services that must travel through the barrier itself, our engineers can seal gaps and use intumescent materials, helping the structure to retain fire resistance properties. 

Through us, you receive an expert, third-party, IFC-certified company to ensure your building is up to the task of resisting fire where it needs to. For this, our sister company will use a variety of products, including: 

  • ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier Systems
  • FIREFLY™ Fire Barriers
  • Firehalt Fire Barrier Systems

Find out more about fire barriers and the various types we can provide today. Call and tell us about your project or fill in our quote form with your details.

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